Is it time to refinance or to trade? They're both wonderful options you may want to explore depending on your unique situation. What are the pros and cons of each? Our Jaguar Buffalo team in Amherst, NY discusses trading vs. refinancing for your info.

Trading vs. Refinancing

As it suggests, trading involves trading in your existing car and using its trade-in value against the cost of another vehicle. Refinancing is getting a new auto loan or a renegotiated auto loan for your current vehicle. More than likely the new loan entails a lower APR and lower monthly car payments. Interest rates and APR always get better when your credit changes, so feel free to refinance your car as your credit evolves for the better.

More About Trading

Trading values vary seasonally. Most of the industry gets a rough idea of trade-in values from NADA guides and KBB. Our Jaguar Buffalo team might even consider the demand for your car, the potential that it can be sold, its make and model. When you want a new car and help with its cost, consider trading.

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