Did you know it's a good idea to have your brakes and fluid checked every six months or whenever you get an oil change? Brakes are an integral safety feature, and brake fluid ensures they work properly. How? Our Amherst, NY Jaguar Buffalo service techs break it down for us and you.

Basics of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid performs so well because it has a high boiling point, resists corrosion, and retains its thickness and flow (viscosity) across a wide range of temperatures. Brake fluid is also incompressible, meaning it behaves like a solid force when under pressure. It derives most of its traits from its recipe, which is typically silicone- or glycol-based.

The Inner Workings of Brakes and Fluid

Pressurized brake fluid flows through brake lines after you step on the brake pedal. A vacuum booster enhances your stepping force, while a master cylinder forces the fluid into the brake lines. Ultimately, the fluid causes brake pads and wheel rotors to meet, creating the kind of friction that makes wheels slow down and stop.

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