Many Williamsville, NY locals mistakenly believe that purchasing high-quality, high-end car seats is enough to protect their children. At Jaguar Buffalo, we want motorists to understand that proper safety seat installation is essential for keeping small passengers safe. An improperly installed child safety seat can leave little riders vulnerable to serious collision-related injuries.

Make Sure That You've Found an Age-Appropriate Design

The most important thing to know about child safety seats is that they are designed to accommodate kids at specific weights and ages. As such, a car seat that's perfect for a small to medium-sized child isn't meant to be used by a newborn or infant. Newborns and children of up to three years of age can get the best level of support and protection from rear-facing seat designs. Kids three and older can sit in front-facing seats, and children who are at least eight years of age can ride in boosters.

Putting a New Child Safety Seat in Correctly

The best place for a child safety seat is in the back seat of the car. Always start the installation process by carefully reading the manufacturer's instructions. You can also refer to the owner's manual for your vehicle to determine whether any anchors or other special supports exist for this install. To check out our expansive inventory of family-friend autos or to take one out for a test drive, stop by Jaguar Buffalo today.

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