Here at Jaguar Buffalo, our team has a goal to help Williamsville drivers and passengers stay safe when the weather conditions are harsh. If you're prepared for winter driving, then it enhances safety. Read on to learn what to do if you start to slide on ice.

If you refrain from panicking, then it can help you stay in control of your vehicle. Panic can cause you to overcompensate, and it you overcorrect during a slide, it can cause the vehicle to become even harder to manage. It's also helpful if you refrain from hard braking. Brakes can trigger a slide on ice or make it worse.

There are two kinds of slides that commonly happen on ice known as oversteer and understeer. Oversteer is considered more dangerous and causes your vehicle to slide out and fishtail. If you start to slide from oversteer, then don't forget to refrain from using the brakes, and try to turn into the slide if you can.


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