The 2019 Jaguar XF Uses Technology to Thwart Theft

The 2019 Jaguar SF is a popular and variety-rich line of sedans and wagons. While this vehicle offers the expected Jaguar power and good looks, it also provides many clever tools that work to stop vehicle theft and keep driver and passengers well connected.

The 2019 Jaguar XF wagon and sedan trims offer drivers the In Control Connect Pro system. This vehicle works hand-in-hand with the Jaguar Stolen Vehicle Locator service that alerts drivers and the relevant authorities to vehicle break-ins or thefts in real time. This service can enhance both personal and vehicular safety.

The In-Control System also includes multiple Wi-Fi device capability. The in-cabin Wi-Fi hotspot allows up to eight simultaneous device connections and also allows drivers to remotely control many in-cabin functions. Whether drivers need to access vital weather and traffic information or whether passengers need to stream their favorite shows, this vehicle has them covered.

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