Your stopping power depends on the condition of your brake pads. If your brake pads are worn out, you could lose the ability to stop your vehicle safely. And that could be dangerous.

When you hit the brake pedal, it causes the brake caliper to start squeezing the brake rotor, which spins with the tire. This squeezing slows down the tire's speed. Brake pads act as a friction buffer between the caliper and the rotor. These pads wear out and need to be replaced on occasion.

It's important to follow manufacturer guidelines for inspecting and replacing brake pads. Also, if you notice that you can't stop as fast as you could in the past, it's time for an inspection of your brake pads. You may need to replace them more frequently than the manufacturer recommends. Call the service department here at Jaguar Buffalo and bring your car in for any brake needs you might have.



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