Maintaining Driver Vision at Night is Essential

Here at Jaguar Buffalo, we like to help our customers and other drivers stay safe during night driving. Night driving presents several hazards not found during daylight, and these hazards include high-intensity headlights emanating from trucks and other vehicles. Modern headlights often use high intensity LED bulbs for light projection, and these high-power systems can be especially detrimental to driver vision.

Since vehicles traveling at 60-mph cover well over 120-feet every few seconds, even temporary visual impediments can result in serious accidents. Special technologies known as auto dimming mirrors use modern microprocessors and chemistry to protect driver vision.

Auto dimming mirrors have many components in their designs, but some of the main features include the mirror surface itself, special light gathering devices, and also electrically sensitive gels. The auto dimming mirror's light gathering devices can sense when high beams are in use by other vehicles. The sensors send this information to microprocessors that then relay special electrical signals to the gels. The gels then darken in response to the electrical signals, and this results in a slight dimming of headlight beams. Taken together, these technologies can help drivers remain aware at night.



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