The Iconic Jaguar XJ

If you're interested in driving a truly iconic sedan, the luxurious Jaguar XJ is apt to be a perfect fit. The Jaguar XJ is one of the most popular cars in its class for a number of prime reasons. These include the striking, dynamic exterior features on the Jaguar XJ.

The Jaguar XJ exterior features are described as "intelligence in motion." For example, the frontend features a truly imposing, powerful front grille. The front grille comes complete with energy-efficient LED lamps that provide optimal illumination no matter the prevailing conditions. The Jaguar XJ also has truly unique bumper treatments, front and back. These include chrome air intake bezels on the front bumper.

The best way to really appreciate the Jaguar XJ exterior features is to get behind the wheel of this tremendous auto. You can schedule a test from of the Jaguar XJ at Jaguar Buffalo today.


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