It's never fun to have a breakdown or some other type of roadside emergency. The time it takes to prepare and stock your vehicle for a situation like this though, is far quicker than trying to get help in the middle of nowhere, if you break down with no supplies.

There are many things that your emergency kit in your car should contain. Some items might seem like commonsense like jumper cables and a first aid kit. While you are packing those jumper cables though, be sure to include a flashlight and some spare batteries for the light, so you can see to attach them. It won't be any fun to attach those cables in the dark. Flares and a help sign are also commonly included in the car's emergency kit, but there are some items that you might never even think of packing.

Especially when driving in the winter, be sure you carry sand or kitty litter. Either of these can assist you in gaining traction on snow and ice. Plus, while we are discussing extreme weather, what if your radiator overheats and you run out of water? Be sure to carry some water with you, should the inevitable occur, as well as some clean drinking water for yourself and your passengers. Before taking any trip though, make sure you bring your vehicle by Jaguar Buffalo and have it inspected. Your peace of mind is the most important thing to take on the road!



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