Charging Your Car Battery

It's every driver's nightmare to get in their car and find the battery dead. Extremes in temperature, accidentally leaving the headlights on and the age of your battery can all contribute to your battery failing. Attaching jumper cables can get your car started again, but you can also use a battery charger.

Battery chargers will take hours to do the job, but they will charge your battery completely. This is perfect if you're fairly certain your battery died due to leaving electronics on. With an unplugged charger, attach the red clamp to the positive battery terminal. Attach the negative clamp to the negative battery terminal. Plug in the charger and let it finish charging. Unplug the charger, then remove the red clamp before removing the black clamp.

If you're worried your battery is reaching the end of its lifespan or you've noticed other irregularities in its performance, you can visit Jaguar Buffalo in Williamsville, NY to have it replaced or to have its electrolyte fluid returned to normal levels.

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